Friday, 8 June 2012

My Mihi

My mountain is Mt Wellington.
My river is Tamaki river.
My dad is Derick
My mum is Mary
My country is Samoa
My address is 16 Ridgeway Place,Glen Innes,Auckland
My name is Tyrone F
O lo’u mauna o Wellington.
O lo’u via tafe o Tamaki.
O lo’u kama o Derrek.
O lo’u kena o Mary.
O lo’u fale o’le 16 Ridgeway Place Glen Innes.
O lo’u i gnoe o Tyrone F 


Miss Taogaga said...

Well done Tyrone thats was a good mihi you did I am very proud of you.keep up the good work Tyrone

Tyrone's mum said...

Hi Tyrone was that your mihi you did a good gob on that mihi.How did you know to the samoan writing.But do know what GO MANU SAMOA

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